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Hepro Engineering

Market leadership through ripeness.

HEPRO®-is one of the foodstuffs industry's leading manufacturers of peeling machines.
Our strengths lie in the field of the automated peeling of asparagus and other vegetables. In times in which convenience and freshness play an important role in everyday life, we also offer attractive packaging solutions for freshly peeled vegetables.

Peeling for long vegetables‚ perfect knife-peeling quality
We develop and produce peeling machines for different types of vegetables. The tried-and-trusted asparagus peeling concept is also convincing with other vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, radishes and black salsifies. Nature provides the shape, the HEPRO® peeling principle adapts to it.

»The wishes and the feedback of the customers
have always been our motivation.«

Passionate machine designers meet
»baby vegetables«

Their career paths are the same; they are united by their will to form ideas and create successes: The HEPRO® founders Siegfried Hennemeier and Christoph Protte had each completed training as toolmakers. Each had developed further to become a state-certified technician for machine tools. And: Both worked for the same company, without at first suspecting that they might soon be working together in a shared, independent future. In August 1992, Christoph Protte was pursuing his hobby of flying model aircraft with a friend. The friend, Hans-Josef Brautmeier, was (and still is) a successful asparagus grower. He gave the initial spark: "It must be possible, somehow, to peel asparagus by machine." This thought concerning the treatment of the sensitive vegetable soon became an order for the two mechanical engineers Hennemeier and Protte. With great attention to detail and to finding convincing solutions to problems, they had already brought their ideas into shape in 1993.

The prototype of a peeling machine with the name ASPA-G1 was proudly presented in the asparagus grower's farm shop. The first version, however, was not yet convincing: Although the machine peeled the asparagus stems, which were vertically inserted, the peels, however, did not fall off satisfactorily. So the vertically working pairs of knives were moved to a horizontal position‚ a design consideration that, literally, set the direction for the start of a fantastic founding story. Like so many other things, this story started in a garage. In 1994, the chapter of the company's founding was written there. Since then, HEPRO® with its two founders has time and again delivered new episodes in a long-running success. Passion plays the main role in this. Asparagus farmer Hans-Josef Brautmeier, as the initial instigator, continues to accompany this success as a user of the innovative HEPRO® asparagus peeling technology, which has long since been convincing customers around the world.

The HEPRO® Company Philosophy


We endeavor to manufacture high-quality machines in order to offer our customers optimal solutions. Quality is a duty for us. To be accurate, one has to have even the smallest detail under control..

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and the customers' confidence in our products and services are at the heart of our actions. Friendliness, sound advice, high quality and reliability. With us, you always have an expert on your side.


An essential element of our work is the constant, continual improvement of the existing products. We incorporate the experiences and suggestions of our customers into this.
We recognise customers' needs and develop new machines time after time.

Maximum Performance Through Team Spirit

We have the same enthusiasm in us with which the company's story began.

Christoph Wolter

Executive director

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»We have the same enthusiasm in us with which the company's story began. Our HEPRO®'s success is the result of good team work of and an idea that is going around the world. HEPRO® mechanical engineering is quality of life.«

»An idea goes around the world. «

The markets of HEPRO®
The green areas on the map show in which countries of the world
our peeling machines are used.

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Technik, die begeistert. Qualität, die überzeugt